The mission of The Law Office of Christine Vanderford is to be a compassionate resource for comprehensive legal services in Nebraska in the areas of estate planning and settlement, business development, elder care and family law so that clients can receive the planning they need with the caring they deserve.

Estate Planning
Proper estate planning allows you to decide what happens to the people and things that are most important to you.  It is important for people of all ages and during all stages of life. People of any age should at least have a health care directive in place in the event you cannot speak for yourself in regards to medical decisions. A basic estate planning also includes a vehicle, such as a will or trust that directs how you wish your estate to be distributed at your death.

Business Development
As a business, we know how much work it takes to start and upkeep a business. When establishing and maintaining a business, there is more to consider than just sales, employees and customers. In order to protect you and your investment in your business, whether you have 20 employees or just you, proper business development needs to be in place. With proper legal advice, business development can be a simple and smart process. A business entity can be developed with your company’s best interest in mind. We are here to assist you with developing and maintaining your business.

Elder Care
For aging adults that have limited funds for long term care we can help those individuals as well as their families determine a plan in the event there is a need for government aid programs and the regulations of those government aid programs as individuals age and how to find access for those resources.

Family Law
In order to make the transition and lifestyle easier for blended families, proper planning needs to be considered. Pre-marital agreements, separate property agreements and other documents should be created when forming a new family. These documents will help protect the parents entering the marriage and any children from previous relationships.

For older persons who become incompetent or for disabled persons with special needs who need consistent care and supervision it becomes necessary to legally formalize the parental role that adult children play for their older parents or that parents continue to play for their children.