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Your life is a story.

A story with friends, family, belongings, investments and ownership. It’s full of pieces and parts that are all a part of who you are—and how you will be remembered. It’s personal, and it’s emotional.

At my firm, we get it. And it’s why we take a personal approach to your life plan. We do our best to ensure that as your story is written it happens just the way you want it to. We take the time to explore every nook and cranny, present every scenario and shape your legacy so you can make your decisions wisely and with all of the facts.

We know planning for life and death isn’t easy, in fact, it’s usually much harder than expected, but it’s a critical component that must be taken care of legally and appropriately—with someone who cares, who knows and who listens. Someone who takes care of you, and your family the way you would. And someone who understands that legal services are indeed personal.

That’s who we are. That’s Christine Vanderford.

Where We Start May Not Be Where We End.

We focus on four different services that focus on different aspects of legal planning. We’ll start where your needs are, but honestly, it’s not always so simple. And that’s OK. We will let the conversation lead us where we need to be because life isn’t siloed, so neither are our services.