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Commonly Asked Questions Answered

If I have a will, do I have to go to probate?

The short answer is “yes”. Let me explain. Probate is the process defined by Nebraska law that gives an opportunity for creditors to get their bills paid from your estate if you owe them at your death. It is overseen by the county court in the county in which you reside at your death and is only for assets in the name of the deceased person. Assets that have a beneficiary or a joint owner MAY not be a part of that process.

A will helps streamline the probate process. Without a will, state statues determine where your assets go and where your children go.

Is making a will expensive?

A good last will and testament should be tailored to the needs of the person making the will. At Vanderford Law, we offer free consultation to determine what your situation deserves. Once we know more about your situation, we will be able to quote you a flat fee for planning documents such as last will and testament, before we move forward. A complete estate plan, depending on the forms, can be as affordable as $500 or less.

I’m a sole proprietor or individual business owner, do I need an LLC?

Maybe. It depends on the type of business, amount of liability that you would be exposed to, whether there is tax considerations, employees, and other variables. We offer a free consultation for determining what, if any, type of business entity should be created for you.

I don’t want to give all my money to the state–do I have to spend my own money before Medicaid will help?

Medicaid is a state funded welfare program for people who need care and have no other financial resources. That said, by working with an experienced professional like Vanderford Law, you can understand what assets you have and how they can be organized to maximize your support as you age, bringing in resources at the right time to help your assets support you as long as possible. Planning is key.

I’m getting remarried, how do I make sure my kids are taken care of while also taking care of my spouse?

This scenario is very common in today’s world. And good Power of Attorney (POA) documents combined with a thoughtful last will and testament should address all of your questions and concerns.

How much does it cost to meet with you?

At Vanderford Law we always offer a free consultation to uncover your planning needs. From this session, we will be able to determine what the cost of our services will be moving forward.

What types of law do you not deal with?
  • Criminal
  • Bankruptcy
  • Workman comp
  • Patent law
  • Contention
  • Divorce

At Vanderford Law we pride ourselves on helping you plan for the future, and preparing your life story, from a legal aspect, the way you want it to be told. Therefore, we do not specialize in quick, fast paperwork, we are not a Legal Zoom.

How can we care for elderly parents’ long distance?

There are a few things to consider when caring for elderly parent long distance. The goal is to find local resources that will communicate with you on a regular basis. Whether that is a loved one or friend who can travel to doctor offices or a paid professional— communication is key.

Ensure you are listed on the HIPA forms, so you can also communicate directly. Also, consider any other types of communications that you want to ensure you have oversight over, for example, changing the address of your loved ones to your mailing address so you can control the number of scams they are receiving and know what they are doing. Another out is digital communication, which allows for a much faster transfer of communication

The best place to start is getting the right documents that allow you to act on their behalf, ad ensuring transparency around these processes with your loved ones. At Vanderford Law we have a large network of trusted resources that should all be considered with elderly care. We recommend you start with the legal planning, here at Vanderford Law, and we can then connect you with trusted professionals to continue that journey for you. We’ve listed a sampling of some of those resources below.

  • Independent Living
  • Nutrition
  • Health and Fitness
  • Financial
  • Long-term Care Options
  • Senior Centers
  • Transportation
What is the cost of setting up a small business, i.e. an LLC?

Costs will vary depending on your situation, but most setup costs average between $500 and $2,500 in the City of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Costs will include filing fees with the Secretary of State, a publication fee to publish the businesses being set up in local newspaper and the legal fees associated with this process. Accounting fees may also apply depending on the tax considerations of the entity you are setting up.

Whoever you utilize as a resource, ensure you are talking with an accountant and a lawyer before you sign any legal documents or undergo any official “setup steps.” It is always a good idea to have your lawyer and accountant visit with each other as well, to ensure everyone is in lock-step on the planning.

Do not purchase or set up a URL for a website before you have these conversations.