Let’s Make Sure We’re a Good Fit.

If you’re looking for a partner to join you in your journey and ensure your legacy and your family’s legacy is remembered and taken care of the way you want it to be, you’re in the right spot. I specialize in including estate planning, elder care, family law, and business development legal services. I ask a lot of questions to help you think of every scenario and possibility you might encounter in your journey, your business and your life—and I take my time because I want to do it right—for you. If you need quick answers to litigation or paperwork that has immediate repercussions or are not looking for a legal partner but rather just a legal mind, Vanderford Law is not the best option for you.

Estate Planning

Every estate is different and every plan is different. We’ll ensure we cover all of the details that pertain to your story so you feel confident everything is in order and accounted for the right way. When we’re done, you’ll have the following documents prepared and efforts finalized:

• Last Will and Testament
• Durable Power of Attorney
• Living Will
• Advanced health Care Directive
• Revocable “Living Trust”
• Trust Funding Coordination
• Updates to Trusts or Wills
• Digital Estate Plan
• Charitable Tax Planning
• Probate and Estate Settlement


Elder Care and Planning for Old Age

It’s never too early to think about the later years in life. How do you want to grow old, where do you want to live out your final years, and how will you pay for them? Often times the aging process can bring unexpected expenses due to the need for in-home medical, care facilities or unforeseen health management needs. With the proper insight and advice, we can help prepare for life stages so your assets and your life are managed in the best way possible. These efforts include things like:

• Asset Management and Protection
• Veteran Care Options
• Medicare Avoidance Strategies
• In-home Medical or Non-Medical Recommendations
• Care Facilities Referrals

Business Development

Whether your starting, currently running or thinking about letting your business go, we can help. Businesses require legal attention from the first day to the last day. But they also require a legacy–how do you see your business moving forward? Will it be sold, passed on to a family member, or will the legacy end when you shut the doors for the last time? These, among other questions, are all critical components of ensuring your business starts, runs and ends the way you want it to. These efforts include items such as:

• Creating and Managing Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, and Partnerships
• Buy-Sell Agreements
• Incorporating Management Strategies into your Estate Plan
• Buying and Selling Existing Businesses
• Legal Counsel

Limited General Practice

Sometimes life happens, and legal assistance is needed. We’ve listed some areas below in family planning and real estate we will lead you through if you encounter challenges. If you experience pivots and turns in life that require legal advice other than what’s listed here, please reach out to us. If we can’t lead you through the matter, we will refer you to someone who can to ensure, no matter what befalls you, you are in capable hands. When you think legal, think Vanderford Law.

  • Special Needs Planning
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Adoptions
  • Family Law Matters
  • Mutual Divorce Mitigation and Legal Work


We offer free consultations for all of our services and free annual reviews for all current clients. We believe this isn’t just your investment in our services, but our investment in you, and we do our best to ensure your life’s story, from a legal perspective, is always in line with your journey.